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Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney Scott Silver Describes his Law Firm, Silver Law Offices, in His Own Words

Big Real Estate Law Firm Professionalism
and Real World Real Estate Experience

I serve my clients by putting all of my professional knowledge, experience, skills and instinct to work as an attorney for commercial real estate transactions, including real estate purchases and sales, shopping center leases, industrial space leases, office leases, real estate loans and other sources of real estate finance (including defeasance and loan assumption) and partnerships, limited liability companies and other forms of joint ventures.

Having had my own money at risk and having invested for others in real estate, I know what clients want – and don't want - more than any transactional real estate attorney that has not done so. Clients don't want a “nitpicker” who bills them for time by raising small and unimportant issues to justify their billings. They want someone to look out for them and to help them succeed. They want risks identified and assessed. They want agreements negotiated with diligence. They want phone calls returned fast and quick turn around on document review. That's what we do.

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